MVCAA’s Consumer Education Classes and Workshops Equip Families with the Tools Needed to Succeed

MVCAA offers a wide variety of workshops and classes to empower our communities with useful tools and resources. We also partner with other agencies to bring you the best information possible. Please check your county’s Coming Events to see what’s available. A few examples are:

Financial and Money Management classes: Lessons ranging from balancing a checkbook to developing a savings plan and applying for a home loan.

Step-Up to Leadership: Many of our customers often have the potential and desire to become self advocates and community leaders but are intimidated by the system (or lack the necessary knowledge and skills). Through Step-Up to Leadership training, MVCAA addresses issues of self-esteem and empowerment through setting educational, employment and leadership goals. By providing the resources and training for an individual to become a leader, we will provide the resources for goal achievement in all aspects of their lives.

Step-Up to Leadership is a 12 session course to help people learn about their current skills and aspirations as well as how to build on those skills. They learn how to work in committees and teams, participate in meetings and the practicalities of being a member of a board of directors. Graduates can apply for a mini grant to bring people together to improve their community.

Home Energy Conservation workshops: A one evening session that will guide you through simple ways to conserve energy and reduce your utility bill.

Workplace Competency Training: This training enables attendees to polish skills that employers are looking for in today’s competitive job market. Some topics include punctuality and attendance, problem-solving, time management, effective communication, conflict resolution, etc.

Life skills training: Provides basic living strategies and techniques to help families manage their lives on a day-to-day basis.

Contact MVCAA for details.

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