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Types of Boards
There are two basic types of CAA boards: governing boards (when a private, nonprofit corporation or a separate public agency serves as the CAA) and administering boards (when local government serves as the CAA). A governing board is the CAA and is legally responsible for its actions. It alone has the power to make financial decisions and to set policy for the CAA. It is the final authority in that community on the CAA’s affairs.

Board Composition
Legislative requirement (private nonprofit CAAs) - The Community Services Block Grant Act, as amended in 1998, requires that a private nonprofit CAA administer its Community Services Block Grant Program through a tripartite
board whose members fully participate in the development, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the program. The tripartite board must be composed as follows:

1.  One-third of the board must consist of elected public officials, holding office on theIf you are interested in serving, please contact MVCAA at 660.886.7476. Date of selection, or their representatives (except that if the number of such elected officials available and willing to serve on the board is less than one-third of the membership of the board, membership on the board of appointive public officials or their representatives may be counted toward meeting the one-third requirement);

2.  Not fewer than one-third must be persons chosen in accordance with democratic selection procedures adequate to assure that the members are representative of low income individuals and families in the neighborhood served and, if they represent a specific neighborhood, that they live in that neighborhood; and

3.  The remainder must be members or officials of the private groups and interests in the
community (business, industry, labor, religious, law enforcement, education, or other
groups and interests).

Reasons for the composition requirements - For Community Action to succeed, the entire community must be involved. The entire community also must be represented on the CAA board by the three sectors: public elected
officials because they formally represent both the general public and the local government; the poor because they know the problems of poverty; the balance of the community because the CAA cannot succeed without support and participation of the other service agencies, private employers, churches, unions, etc.

MVCAA Board Meeting Schedule - The board of directors meets the 4th Monday during the months of January, April, May, July, September, and October and the 1st Monday in March and December. There are no meetings scheduled during the months of February, June, August and November. The meetings are generally held from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. at the agency Corporate Office located at 1415 S. Odell in Marshall, MO.

To learn more or to find out how to serve, contact MVCAA at 660.886.7476.

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